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About the Global Risk Governance programme

The Global Risk Governance programme (GRG) is a research programme, led by Professor Clifford Shearing, within the Public Law Department, Law Faculty at the University of Cape Town. The programme's research activities are focused on understanding the new, and emerging, risk landscapes that are shaping 21 Century securities. Of particular concern are the environmental insecurities associated with the impacts of industrialisation on earth systems. A defining feature of the GRG's research is its regulatory focus, the interdisciplinary nature of its research teams and its collaborative approach. 

Environmental Futures programme.  The project’s focus is on understanding the nature, and governance, of the global wildlife trade (both legal and illegal) and its impacts on bio-diversity and political economies.  The project’s principal disciplinary capacities include criminology, political science, and sociology.  Read more >>>

The Art of Resilience: How security professionals manage the unpredictable
The Art of Resilience aims to understand the practices of security professionals through their implementation and application of the concept of resilience, which becomes central to their work, both in terms of environmental security and cybernetic security. This is a collaborative programme with Prof. Benoit Dupont, International Centre for Comparative Criminology, University of Montreal and Prof. Clifford Shearing.  The project is funded by the SSHRC (The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) and runs from 2018- 2022. Read more >>>


Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Initiative.  EESI is a community engagement initiative, supported by, and undertaken in conjunction with, the Mauerberger Foundation.  The project supports young leaders, who are already realising outcomes that advance environmental sustainability and who will benefit from support that enhances their leadership capacities.  EESI Fellows include young leaders working with Beyond Expectations Environmental Project (BEEP) and SA Urban Food & Farming Trust, Read more >>>

The Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI). ESI was created with the aim of bringing together scholars and professionals from across the globe to challenge responses to 21st century harmscapes. The ESI network of scholars and security professionals generates knowledge about existing and emerging harmscapes and associated security governance developments. ESI fosters disciplinary and cross-disciplinary work among criminologists, historians, economists, anthropologists, political theorists, sociologists, international relations scholars, natural scientists, lawyers and security professionals from the public and private sectors. The Evolving Securities Initiative is led by the Global Risk Governance team and is supported by the University of Cape Town, Griffith University, and  ProActive ReSolutions. Read more >>>

Recent GRG Project

Neighbourhood Safety

The Global Risk Governance programme on neighbourhood safety supported the City of Cape Town’s Neighbourhood Policing Initiative by providing expert guidance and support.  Read more >>>