Annette Hubschle is named by "Current Sociology" as Sociologist of the month!

17 Sep 2018 - 10:30

Current Sociology have named Annette Hubschle as "Sociologist of the month". They have granted free access during September to her article "The social economy of rhino poaching: Of economic freedom fighters, professional hunters and marginalized local people".

Current Sociology posted on their Facebook page:

Welcome to Annette Hübschle, postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre of Criminology of the University of Cape Town, and our #SociologistOfTheMonth. How did she come to sociology?

“I grew up in Namibia during the final years of colonial rule and the early years of the post-independence period. My family was actively involved in the fight against the South African apartheid regime. From an early age, I was thus exposed to the evils of colonial rule and the associated structural violence. The quest for social, economic and environmental justice has been close to my heart ever since. After finishing school in 1994, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa where I studied towards a social sciences degree at the University of Cape Town. The first free elections had taken place in 1994 so I experienced the nascent years of what was then known as the “rainbow nation”. I specialized in history and international and comparative political studies. Upon finishing my Honours degree I worked in the TV broadcasting industry as a news writer and editor for two years before joining an applied policy research institute. I stayed with the Institute for Security Studies for 9 years, working on a range of human security and organized crime issues. Much of my work involved fieldwork in communities and consultations with government officials and civil society practitioners. During that time, I also completed a Master’s degree in criminology at the University of Cape Town. In 2011, I was selected to join a newly-established research group on illegal markets at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies as a doctoral researcher. Based in Cologne, Germany, the MPIfG is a renowned institute specializing in economic sociology and political economy. Under the guidance of the sociologists Jens Beckert, Sigrid Quack and Clifford Shearing (University of Cape Town), I commenced the journey towards a doctorate in sociology at the MPIfG. My PhD project delved into understanding the structure and functioning of the illegal market in rhino horn. The fieldwork component was a multi-sited ethnography in which I used a follow-the-thing approach by tracing the social relations and structures underpinning the movement of rhino horn from the southern African bush to south-eastern markets. Upon completion of my doctorate I returned to South Africa to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in Global Risk Governance Programme at the University of Cape Town. Our approach in the programme is multi-disciplinary with my theoretical point of departure being steeped in economic and environmental sociology.”

Her article “The social economy of rhino poaching: Of economic freedom fighters, professional hunters and marginalized local people” is offered in #FreeAccess all September: