Discourses of Predator Persecution under Livestock and Game Farming, and its Implications for Conservation in South Africa

26 Feb 2019 - 10:15

Dr. Tariro Kamuti, Postdoctoral fellow, in the Global Risk Governance programme, is undertaking research with the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) into predator persecution.

Persecution of predators is rampant in areas surrounding livestock and private wildlife ranches (game farms). This is a topical issue in contemporary biodiversity conservation narratives around South Africa pitting various stakeholders against each other mainly based on the predator control method.

Hunters and livestock owners have historically reacted violently towards predators, seen as competitors as they kill livestock or valuable ungulate wildlife. Game farmers who rear predator animals find themselves in conflict with neighbouring stock farmers or other game farmers because it is difficult to confine predator animals to the game farm. This research focuses on the discourses surrounding predator persecution and explores the implications for biodiversity conservation.

Drawing on data generated from a systematic review of secondary sources, in-depth interviews and quantitative assessment of perceptions of wildlife industry experts, wildlife ranchers, and government officials the research seeks to unpack the intractable debates of predator persecution in South Africa.

Recent publications by Tariro Kamuti: 

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Kamuti, T. 2017. The Changing Geography of Wildlife Conservation: Perspectives on Private Game Farming in Contemporary KwaZulu-Natal Province. New Contree: A Journal of Historical and Human Sciences for Southern Africa, 79. 39-64. 

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