Evolving Securities Initiative

7 Aug 2019 - 11:00

The Global Risk Governance programme, University of Cape Town,  is a co-ordinating node in the Evolving Securities Initiative in Cape Town,  Other nodes include the Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research, Glasgow University; the Governing and Policing Research Group, University of Ghent and the University of New South Wales. The Griffith Criminology Institute, with assistance from ProActive ReSolutions is the ESI’s coordinating node.

The Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI) was created with the aim of bringing together scholars and professionals from across the globe to develop responses to 21st century harmscapes.

These are:

THE NEW PLANET: with an increased frequency and severity of catastrophic weather events, creating new and unforeseen harmscapes with implications for resilience at the individual, community, government and corporate levels.

THE NEW DIGITAL WORLD:  The economic and social benefits of the Digital Revolution are accompanied by new harmscapes, new forms of delinquency and attacks against critical infrastructure.

THE NEW HUMAN:  Techno-humans, whereby we physically converge with technologies and explore the new harmscapes brought about by this convergence.  

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The ESI brings together security scholars and professionals undertaking innovative research and thinking on today’s security challenges.  It fosters disciplinary and cross-disciplinary work among criminologists, historians, economists, anthropologists, political theorists, sociologists, international relations scholars, natural scientists, lawyers and security professionals from the public and private sectors.

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