Food Security through Environmental Education

15 May 2019 - 15:30

 BEEP (Beyond Expectation Environmental Project), supported by  EESI, is assisting young learners in disadvantaged communities to develop organic vegetable gardens in schools.  EESI is also providing support to a young organic farmer, through the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust, both to support his skills and to work together with BEEP to support learners, parents and teachers develop organic gardens.  

Schools supported by EESI  are located in Gardens, Lavender Hill and Langa.  


There are a number of direct benefits associated with the food security project run by BEEP mentors with support from SAUFFT:

  • Improved nutrition and food security for the beneficiaries of the food gardens.
  • Participants understand the need for good nutrition and the advantages of organically grown, fresh vegetables.
  • Participants form a positive peer group that counterbalances prevailing negative or destructive groups and behavior.
  • The waste recycling program results in cleaner, healthier school environments, savings on fertilizer as well as generating some income.
  • The use of the garden for some curriculum activity and the use of classroom-based skills in the garden improve classroom performance in life skills, literacy and numeracy.
  • For further information on BEEP'S food security programme visit here >>>>