GRGP researcher engages with the Southern African Wildlife College on Wildlife Economy

25 Jun 2019 - 13:00

GRGP's  Dr Annette Hübschle-Finch recently visited the Southern African Wildlife College as part of a collaborative effort by the College to expands its applied research activities and build collaborative networks with other applied researchers. 

Annette, known for her groundbreaking fieldwork in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa, is expanding her research into broader areas such as wildlife poisoning and the development of community-based solutions to many of the challenges facing the legal and illegal wildlife trade.

Annette gave a presentation of some of the challenges and ideas around the legal and illegal wildlife trade to a group of students from Grand Valley University, various College managers and staff.

Ashwell Glasson, Head Academic Policy and Sector Advancement, and Dr Annette Hübschle-Finch.

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