Interview with the South African Crime Quarterly

9 Apr 2018 - 12:15
The South African Crime Quarterly (SACQ) interviewed GRG postdoctoral fellow, Nicholas Simpson on the water crisis in Cape Town. In this article, Nick discusses the water crisis and its impact on questions of vulnerability, risk and security and how the emerging GRG research agenda is approaching these critical issues. The full interview is available on the SACQ website
Nick’s current research interests focus on resilience, particularly as the concept is framed, understood and used in the various emergent ‘worlds’ we live in today. His recent article titled 'Sufficiently capable for effective participation in environmental impact assessment?' has been published by Environmental Impact Assessment Review. It alerts its readers to the negative and partial distribution of environmentally associated harms on vulnerable persons and maintains that environmental justice cannot be realised where environmental procedures do not adequately include  affected parties in decision-making, particularly those from vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society.