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Ports of Call: Understanding Transnational Security Networks

This international comparative project is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and supervised by Prof. Marleen Easton (Ghent University).

This project analyses the role of private security providers within the transnational security network they are part of. By looking at networks that provide security within the ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Brisbane (Australia), both constituting geographical crossroads with respect to a multitude of flows, the research will provide a deeper understanding for the possibilities for strengthening the network’s democratic accountability.

This project attempts to fill crucial research gaps that exist within the field of research around policing partnerships.

A research workshop was organised by the 'Governing & Policing Security' research group  and took place at Ghent University, Belgium in June 2017.

This research was tagged 'Explorative insights into the research on the port of Antwerp: outlining different mentalities'