Neighbourhood Safety Initiative - Neighbourhood Safety Teams

Neighbourhood Safety OfficersNeighbourhood Safety Officers (NSOs), School Resource Offices (SROs) and Focus Tables all derive their special activities from the core placemaking principles. Each one of them has its own way of identifying, mobilising and integrating different kinds of knowledges and resources in order to promote safety and a good quality of life in a neighbourhood.

These programmes can be effective if implemented separately (where, for example, you may have NSOs in a neighbourhood but no SROs, and vice versa).

However, experience shows that if all three mutually reinforcing functions are deliberately and strategically implemented in the same neighbourhood, as distinct and respected elements in an inclusive team, their effectiveness is greatly enhanced.

This should not be surprising – a well-functioning Neighbourhood Safety Team (NFT) is after all merely exemplifying the third principle: ‘Think issue-based partnership'.

In addition, of course, they will have access to the support of their colleagues in regular operational policing and any special policing units that may be locally available, as well as to the local authorities responsible for such services as roads, cleansing, electricity and so forth.

             Conditions for an effectively functioning Neighbourhood Safety Team

  • Senior management agreement on terms of internal and external cooperation.
  • Clear consensus on the overall objectives of the combined work.
  • Each partner respects the specific and complementary skills/capacity of all the others and makes space for them to be put to work.
  • Responsibility for operational planning and implementation is shared.

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