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Jarrett Blaustein

Jarrett Blaustein is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University in Australia. His research interests include the global governance of crime and the transformation of policing in response to climate change. Jarrett is a Research Fellow in the Global Risk Governance programme, University of Cape Town.

He is fundamentally concerned with how security is governed and delivered in different contexts, and how multi-scalar and poly-centric governance and policing assemblages adapt to crisis and change. As a criminologist with training in International Relations, much of his work is anchored in nodal governance theory. He is primarily a qualitative researcher with specialist expertise in policy ethnography, documentary analysis, and elite interviewing, but has also collaborated with quantitative researchers.

Recent publications:

Koumouris, G. & Blaustein, J. (2021) Reporting 'African Gangs': Theorising Journalistic Practice During a Multi-Mediated Moral Panic. Crime, Media, Culture.

Maher, S., Blaustein, J., Benier, K., Chitambo, J., & Johns, D. (2020). Mothering after Moomba: Labelling, secondary stigma and maternal efficacy in the post-settlement context. Theoretical Criminology. 

Blaustein, J., Fitz-Gibbon, K., Pino, N. & White, R. (2020) The Emerald Handbook on Crime, Justice and Sustainable Development. Emerald.